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Happy young professional
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Happy young professional

A great experience for your people

You seem to be highly motivated by balancing work and life, so is your match Jon!
Voco mobile profile
I’m in transition to leadership
I manage a team of people
I love to learn!
I’m a senior manager
Reflect & understand
Voco takes your people on a journey to discover what really motivates them and how individual personalities and values drive work decisions.
Connect & collaborate
Mentors and peers are matched based on complementary experiences, interest and goals. They work together to find the path forward, guided by Voco’s carefully curated conversation guides.
You have been connected with Jess because you are both new leaders!
Voco ipad app
Great talking points to get us started
Great chat! See you next month!
Leave me a note if you have any ideas…
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Today’s topic is leadership & negotiation. Here is your pre-read and talking points
Voco mobile app, context
Follow our structured conversation tracks or build your own
Follow conversation tracks
Voco provides tailored topics and prompts, that reflect the overlapping interests and objectives of matched pairs, ensuring effortless, purposeful conversations.
Build a squad
Voco helps everyone build the perfect set of thinking partners for their career, tailoring connections to individual interests and contexts, which evolve as careers do.
Shaka emojiVoco mobile squad screenVoco mobile app
I’m a marketing
expert too!
I am also pushing
for promotion
I want to be an
Want to add new
member to your squad?
Use the power of a squad to share and benefit from broad thinking and experience
Voco journal
Jon shared this note with you
Don’t get disheartened. Periods of change are always tricky and things will settle, you’re in a great position though…
Jon shared this note with you
Don’t get disheartened. Periods of change are always tricky and things will settle,
Jon shared this note with you
It sounds like you’re on the right track at the moment; focusing on where you get your energy from is always a good plan!
Jon shared this note with you
It sounds like focusing on where you get your energy from is always a good plan!
Lock in learnings
Voco encourages reflection and knowledge sharing, reinforcing learnings and building enduring connections. Voco's Journal functionality ensures insights are captured and momentum is maintained.
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Helping HARDWORKING PEOPLE TEAMS harness peer power

Simple to launch, easy to run
Voco is simple to launch and roll our. Our team work with you to design internal campaigns that engage your team and ensure they onboard smoothly. We automate everything; doing all the hard work so you don’t have to!
Voco ipad conversation
Hello, I’m adding more people, can we run another onboarding session?
Cool. Sounds perfect
You had me at hello!
Your people are all set with unique codes to sign up to Voco.
We’ll host a workshop on career design and growth to engage your team…
Heart emojiShaka emoji
Mentor conversation
It worked!! I focused on the one thing we discussed and closed the deal!
I went on a negotiation
training course recently!
Nice, lets talk through how to
use that in your upcoming week
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Amplify all L&D investments
Voco complements other L&D initiatives, amplifying the 70% of learning done in the flow of work and the 10% achieved through formal training. We provide an impactful, accessible solution for the remaining ’20%’ ensuring you get the most out of every penny you spend.
Measurable team impact
The Voco team is here for you for the long term, making it easy for you to get the most out of Voco. We provide insights and actionable metrics on engagement and outcomes, so you can track the value of Voco for your people.
Voco team impact
Your team’s average convo rating is 4.7 stars, pretty good!
Your team have spent 147 hours on Voco this month
Your team largely talk about content in the ‘Leadership’ category
Your team, on average, are happier in with career than comparable cohorts
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Young professional women

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