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We’re harnessing peer power to make work better for everyone…

harnessing peer power to make work better for everyone…

At Voco we believe in the power of human connection. That everyone has something to learn and something to share. So we’re building a trusted network of peers who support each other to be their best in the new world of work.

Every day, Voco members are building meaningful connections with others who share their ambitions, challenges and mindsets. They’re collaborating to solve problems and learning from each other’s skills and experiences. And transforming their careers, together.

That’s because the simple act of talking to someone else who ‘gets it’ makes a real difference. It helps us all see our jobs and careers in a new light. It sparks ideas and builds confidence. And it fuels our own professional growth, helping us all to take control of our careers.

Our Values

Our values are what drive us and we believe we can achieve anything when work with others who share our hopes and dreams.

We think that everyone is a work in progress and is always learning, wherever they are in their career journey. This mindset is at the heart of our culture, and underpins everything we do at Voco.

Ultimately we value kindness; it costs nothing but can materially change how happy people are at work - and to us, that’s priceless.

Always connected.
always learning.
always kind.

our leadership team

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Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson
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Simon Dennett
Simon Dennett
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Jon Baker
Head of technology
Jon BakerJon Baker
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Lucy Cleveley
Head of learning
Lucy Cleveley

Peer learning is A bedrock of google’s culture

“Google has always believed in the importance of learning, and that the best kind of learning happens in the flow of work. That was the driving philosophy behind the creation of the Googler-to-Googler peer learning programme… social learning is what underpins truly effective learning cultures.”
Stephan Thoma

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