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The Voco View on... Talent spotting

Voco Team

Thanks to ‘The Great Resignation’, and the resulting global talent shortage, it’s harder than ever to find the right people for the vacancies we need to fill. How can we approach recruitment in such a competitive market? Here’s our view…

Cast your net wider

Now we are so used to working from home, our physical work location matters far less than it used to. Taking more time to define roles as hybrid, or even completely remote, could mean that you widen your talent pool significantly.

Adapting your recruitment process to make it easier to assess and evaluate talent online, will help speed up the process. This doesn’t simply mean replicating an in-person interview on Teams; it means a full review of the whole recruitment process. For this, a trusted talent partner comes in very handy…

Find your crowd

Using an external talent partner is not only an effective way to make your recruitment process fit for purpose, it’s also a great way to find the right talent pool to fish in.

Whilst there are still a number of large recruitment companies who ‘do it all’, there are also a growing number of smaller, bespoke companies that target professionals with specific skills and experience. Working with someone who offers a niche service doesn’t mean that you minimise your search, it means that you are more likely to engage with the right audience.

Focus on values

We know that people are driven to work for organisations that fit with their personal values. We also know that not every organisation can be purpose led. But even the most corporate of corporates can attract talent if they have good organisational values and strong environmental and social governance. The trick is to make that information as transparent as possible for potential employees. Share case studies that show how your organisational values are brought to life and make the information public - yes we do mean social media, but we also suggest working with your public relations team too.

Feel the benefits

Enhanced benefits packages can make all the difference. Great benefits can be more attractive to potential employees than the salary (provided what you are offering is still competitive). It’s all about making life that bit easier for the people who work for you; from wellbeing to childcare, anything you can do to address life's challenges will be extremely attractive. If you can’t manage this in-house, there are a number of companies that offer the opportunity to outsource benefits packages.

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