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Can I be replaced by a robot? Find out what ChatGPT really means for the world of work

Voco Team
Two robots sitting on the floor, using a laptop

Chat GPT has taken the world by storm, which is alarming when you realise it only launched  three months ago! In fact, it seems set to transform the professional world; creating marketing campaigns, organising events and writing emails. We’ve even had it help write a blog for us! But should we be scared by all the capabilities of this AI…? Are we being replaced?

To help answer that question, we’ve scoured the internet to find out what to expect when companies start embracing this new technology. Can it really live our lives for us or is there a limit to this seemingly omnipotent processing tool? All the answers are below, so get reading!

Read What ChatGPT And Generative AI Mean For Your Business?

To kick off, Forbes looks into Forrester's recent study into generative AI and what impact it’ll have on businesses who try to ignore and not incorporate it. But, Forbes also asks, are we ready for it? Have a read of how some businesses have fared in embracing AI.

Read "Can ChatGPT do my job and live my life? I test it out"

Moving on to something a bit more fun, Cosmopolitan tested out ChatGPT finding out if the AI could actually live someone’s life. With part of the article written by AI, one fearless Cosmo reporter put it to the test; writing emails, booking a dentist appointment and even texting friends. Which is a little unsettling but also pretty amazing it has to be said…

Read Here's how 10 industries are experimenting with ChatGPT

So where can ChatGPT really make a difference and how do we use it? Quartz has broken it down by industry, explaining specifically how it can and has been used. With judges using it to make court decisions, teachers generating lesson plans or AI helping doctors diagnose patients, it’s everywhere! 

Listen to Are chatbots coming for your job?

Finally, check out the Guardian’s podcast on ChatGPT and what we can expect for the future of AI. Although programmes that generate human-like text are relatively new, they’re growing fast and with it comes the question of how AI should be used and regulated. Should we be worried or excited…? Find out here!

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