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How do we achieve diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace?

Voco Team
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Diversity, equality and inclusion have become essential areas of focus in the modern workplace. However, achieving real change can be challenging, particularly in the face of societal, cultural and technological changes. Many companies are struggling to make progress in their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and it's not surprising, given the complex issues at play. 

Unsurprisingly, the internet is awash with opinions and guidance on how to approach achieving DEI in the workplace, so we’ve rounded up some of the best, and most actionable, thinking on how to create inclusive cultures that work for everyone.  Read on to gain some insights into the challenges faced, and learn how to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace, for yourself and your colleagues.

Listen: The Intersection of Technology, DEIB and Social Impact 

Check out the Untapped podcast’s interview with Waymo's Head of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, Arezoo Riahi, about the importance of a healthy culture in achieving organisational missions and the challenges of creating a community where everyone feels responsible for shaping the culture regardless of their background or identity. Riahi focuses on how DEI is not a separate issue but impacts everyone in an organisation, and provides actionable advice on how to engage allies and change minds.

Read: 5 Ways To Implement DEI In The Workplace 

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is important for all businesses. When DEI practices are successfully implemented, organisations can reap the benefits of a respectful culture that enables employees to embrace one another's strengths and work as a holistic team. But the key takeaway is that improvement takes time…and to never give up!

Read: Here’s How To Practise Non-Performative DEI 

Have a read of Forbes’ suggestions on how to promote authentic DEI efforts in the workplace: from educating yourself about different people’s experiences, listening to colleagues who bring up microaggressions, and releasing statistics on diversity. It is paramount to have real conversations, and take immediate and direct action that encourages accountability.

Listen: What’s stopping women from reaching the top? 

Is there something stopping women getting the top jobs? That’s the question this edition of the FT podcast ‘Working It’ answers. Although it may seem that the gender gap in the workplace is closing, according to statistics the progress that was being made has started to stall. But is it all doom and gloom? Certainly not! Have a listen to get informed of where change is needed and also where progress is being made.

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