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How to use rocket science to solve your working woes

Voco Team
Rocket ship launching

When we think of rocket science we generally imagine people with huge brains solving incredibly technical problems, literally pitting themselves against gravity… right? Well, it may come as a surprise that there are some astonishingly simple strategies, based on rocket science, that we can all put into practice to take control of the challenges we face at work and life. 

Maybe those challenges are things like handling disagreements and differences of opinions in the office, or you could be wrestling with how to make sure your recent career break doesn’t scuttle your otherwise pristine CV, or perhaps you’re simply drowning in far too many Zoom meetings with your remote colleagues…? 

Read on for some thinking on how to solve all those problems, it’s not rocket science after all!

Read Think Like a Rocket Scientist

Like us you probably thought rocket science was unsolvable maths problems and endless physics equations. But Ozan Varol, a law professor and former member of NASA’s operations team, has written a book about how the strategies and habits he learned can be used to empower anyone in their career and ‘turn the seemingly impossible into the possible’.

Read ‘Don’t take it personally’: three common workplace clashes – and how to deal with them

Workplace disagreements are awkward and probably unavoidable but Dr Ali Walker, who is researching group dynamics, says it’s just a fact of life. So she has looked into the three most common workplace clashes; work style, communication and cultural differences and has provided a road map of how to de-escalate them. Phew.

Read Are we done with the CV gap taboo?

CV gaps can be daunting. Even if they’re just a few months long, it can feel like they stick out to new employers. But according to BBC Worklife this may be old thinking. The taboo around taking a career break is starting to fade, with some taking a pause to upskill, travel or simply to take a break after a layoff. Employers are now looking with ‘intrigue rather than cynicism’ at those gaps. Check out how it's all changing…

Read How to use meetings more effectively when working in a distributed team

Finally, Dan Hillman, Founder & CEO of Jarvo, has given some top tips for how to use meetings more effectively when your team is working remotely. He suggests leaving meetings early if you’re not needed, questioning whether the topic actually needs a meeting, and not forgetting the importance of informal chats in a virtual world. Have a read of his recommendations and see what you think.

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