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Recommended reading: giving your brain a well-needed workout

Voco Team
Image of women covering her face with a book

We all know work has changed quite a bit over the last few years, and while many of us have embraced the increased flexibility of hybrid working, others have struggled and  reported a decrease in engagement and energy levels.

So this week’s round up of good stuff from across the web is focused on the brain, and more importantly, how to keep it engaged! And as well as some recommended reading, we’re also bringing you some practical and fun ways to boost your brain energy. Let’s do it!

Read Is Work Damaging Your Brain Health? 5 Strategies To Improve It

Let’s get straight to it: work might actually be the problem when it comes to engaging our brain! The past few years have been tough, and our brains have suffered, which in turn affects our quality of work and life. But the good news is that you can improve your brain health and this piece from Forbes helps show you how.

Listen to PodQuiz

This one is for your commute. Each week James Carter hosts a mini, 15 minute long trivia quiz podcast covering subjects like the Natural World, Science, Technology and Music. So whether you’re on the tube, in the car or walking to work; you can test your general knowledge, learn new facts and see if you improve week by week!

Solve Puzzles for blockheads

The Guardian has taken some puzzles from Mathigon’s advent calendar to put your numerical skills to the test. Ranging from mathematical problems to logical reasoning. Honestly, we’re still stuck on the first one, so if you solve that you’re already doing better than us…

Watch The puzzle of motivation

Right, you’ve done those two quizzes. Probably feeling quite good? Ever wondered why solving puzzles feels good? Well, Dan Pink’s Ted Talk might help as he looks at why solving puzzles makes us quest for more and why getting them right feels like such a significant reward. Enjoy!

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