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How to crush the job search and find a role you love

Voco Team
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Job hunting can be daunting and stressful; sometimes it feels like there’s no end in sight and you're destined to rewrite the same cover letter forever. But just remember, it only takes one yes, and suddenly it’s all worthwhile. So if you’re just starting the hunt, down in the trenches of applications or gearing up for an interview, we’ve created a little survival guide of some resources to help you on your journey.

If you’re in need of advice on answering weird interview questions, coping with the monotony of a long job search or maybe you’re trying to figure out where to start, there’s something below to help with every stage of your job hunt… 

Read: ‘What kind of fruit are you?’ How to answer five of the worst job interview questions 

Job interviews by nature are awkward, whether it’s your nerves or the unrelenting questions from your potential future boss, it’s definitely not the most relaxing experience. But have no fear the Guardian is here to help, suggesting answers to the five worst job interview questions ever asked. So if you can answer ‘how do you feel your life has worked out for you so far’ you can answer anything…

Read: Keeping Your Confidence Up During a Lengthy Job Search

When a job hunt is dragging on, it can be hard to stay positive and believe that you will finally get the job offer you’re looking for. Not to worry, HBR has come up with five ways to build up your confidence to help you stay motivated and maximise your self belief. Tips like setting daily and weekly goals or creating a networking group could be your key to success…

Listen: Find Your Dream Job - How to Use LinkedIn Strategically in Your Job Search

Linkedin can be one of those sites that you doom scroll, seeing everyone else's accomplishments and slightly odd motivational quotes, but it could actually be your secret weapon. The ‘Find your Dream Job’ podcast invites career coach Karen Sharp-Price to share her top tips for using LinkedIn in ways you may not have thought of. It’s time to optimise your profile, make connections, and build a solid network that can help you with your career journey! 

Read: 5 tips to reduce your job search stress—and stop you from sabotaging yourself

When searching for a job it’s easy to get overwhelmed but there are some easy ways to reduce your stress and even turn your job search into an enjoyable experience. Check out FastCo's advice that will help you take control, like creating a clear plan with smaller, more achievable objectives to focus on the ideal outcome rather than potential failure, and avoiding comparing yourself to others. Good luck! 

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