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Voco Newsletter: June 2021

Voco Team

Escape the grip of imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is hardly new. Many celebrities, business leaders and politicians have admitted that they feel undeserving of their success. And even at a ‘normal person’ level, loads of us battle that sinking feeling that we’re going to be revealed as being a fraud at any moment!

Nonetheless, we think it’s an important topic to talk about because it affects so many of us. 70% of us in fact! It also hits pretty equally across genders, even though it’s often perceived to affect women the most. And it's likely to hit harder as you get more senior, just when you're supposed to be really crushing it at work... But the good news is that you can do something about it!

So find out what you can do now to tackle imposter syndrome here

Image: Unsplash.com

Sport's new frontier: mental health

Sport is back people! And whether or not you're hooked by the Euros or counting down the days til Wimbledon or Tokyo 2020, it's hard to avoid the return of major sporting events this summer. What's different this year though is that the highs and lows on the field of play are also being accompanied by an increasingly noisy discussion about the mental wellbeing of sports stars, and where they should draw the line.

Read our take on what we can all learn from the debate on mental health and sport here

Career inspiration from Voco

READ: How to quit your job in post-pandemic resignation boom

The ‘great resignation’ is very much the term of the moment as career experts predict a mass exodus as the pandemic recedes. The theory goes that in times of uncertainty, people stay put in their jobs, even if they really want to leave; so now things seem to be improving, many people are considering what to do next. In addition, the last 18 months has given lots of us the chance to reflect on what we actually really want from work, and things like flexibility and purpose are topping the list for many. So if you’re thinking of quitting, this piece from Bloomberg will give you some top tips on how to make the best exit right now…

Eat a banana! Get off Twitter! How to be more productive at work

There’s so much advice on how to be productive on the interwebs these days that it’s easy to waste a load of time just trying to figure what you should actually do to maximise your ability to get sh*t done. So this quick guide from the Guardian helpfully boils things down into a few things you can try. At Voco we’re big fans of taking time for micro-breaks and rituals, especially if they involve coffee and snacks; of focusing on what we need to do, rather than what we think we should do; and, of course, of having meaningful career conversations that help you stay on track!

Tristan Harris - Your Undivided Attention: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide

Tristan Harris’ Your Undivided Attention pod covers some pretty massive issues about the impact of social media and technology on society and is generally worth a good listen. This particular episode is a fascinating look at how the Paris Climate Agreement was brokered and just how important great leadership is. Christiana Figueres talks eloquently about the techniques she deployed to bring 197 nations to the table to get the Agreement signed. It’s a masterclass in the power of emotional intelligence.

READ: Is It Better To Drink Coffee In The Morning Or Afternoon For Work?

At Voco we like to take a view on some of the most important questions facing us in the world of work, and we’re also VERY serious about our coffee, so we were delighted to read this actually-pretty-scientific take on caffeine consumption from HuffPo. Turns out the answer is all about personal preference; so if you’re interested in ours, it’s an Americano at 10am - iced or hot depending on the season - from the wonderful Larry’s in Peckham.

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