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Career inspiration from Voco

Here are a few things that are inspiring us at the moment and making us think differently about our careers. And we’d love to hear about anything you’ve read, listened to or seen that could help Voco members take control of their careers.

LISTEN: Michelle Obama on Mentoring

At Voco we’re really big fans both of mentoring and of Michelle Obama, so we were beyond excited to tune into her two-part mentoring special over on the Michelle Obama Podcast. While she talks mainly about more traditional and formal mentoring programmes - where a more senior counterpart mentors a junior through their career - it’s clear that she just has so much love for any programme where people support each other to make progress in their chosen fields. Give it a listen, and while you’re at it, check out the other episodes of her podcast which cover subjects like friendship, parenting, marriage and sibling rivalry - it’s inspiring stuff for sure.

READ: Why every professional should recruit a personal board of advisers

This article in Fast Company details the many, many benefits of forming your own personal board of advisers. This is a subject we feel really passionately about at Voco because having a number of people to consult about your career really can be transformative. Choosing your advisers - or mentors - based on the different perspectives they can each bring will give you a much more diverse sounding board, and can help challenge and expand your thinking in an objective way. As Jeff Berger says in the piece, “you are responsible for actively managing your own career” and you can do that more effectively if you have a bunch of amazing advisers and mentors on your side.

LISTEN: Eat Work Sleep Repeat

Bruce Daisley used to run Twitter in Europe and YouTube in the UK so he knows a thing or two about big company culture and how to create organisations that actually work for their people. Now he is a hugely in demand expert on workplace culture and the future of work, and has not only a best-selling book on the subject - the Joy of Work - but also hosts the Eat Work Sleep Repeat podcast which covers a variety of subjects that challenge you to think differently about organisational culture and your place within it.

READ: Shoe Dog 

This memoir from Nike founder Phil Knight is a riveting read about one of the world’s most famous start-ups. Famously founded with a loan of just $50 from Knight’s dad, Nike is arguably the most recognisable and best-loved sports brand in the world. As well as being an incredible story about how to build a successful global company, Shoe Dog is also testament to the power of dynamic thinking, tenacity, and crucially, the support of others, as Knight details the relationships that mattered as the Nike dream became a reality.

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