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Here’s how to make the best decisions at work

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Confidence is key when it comes to succeeding in your career and having faith in your ability to make the right decisions. You can’t guarantee that every step you make  will be perfect or lead to greatness, but you can be sure  that you're making the most informed and true to yourself choices by attaining some new skills…

From applying an ancient psychological trick to help you see things more clearly, to building your confidence by owning your own brand, and harnessing your emotional intelligence to make better decisions about work; we’ve rounded up some advice to help you out along the road to the top!

Read: Illeism: The ancient trick to help you think more wisely 

You may have heard of Illeism, but we hadn’t! It’s the art of talking about oneself in the third person, and according to BBC Worklife it can help neutralise emotions when making decisions and lead to wiser choices. Put simply, using illeism can help us put our problems into perspective and be more reasoned in our responses, so give it a try! 

Read: How Emotional Intelligence can help you know if it's time to quit your job

The record-breaking wave of people resigning from their jobs, dubbed "The Great Resignation", has increasingly brought emotion to the forefront of decision making. Read FastCo’s take on how understanding ourselves and our emotions helps us both identify factors such as an unhealthy work environment or lack of passion and make choices that benefit our future selves. 

Read: A New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand

Thinking of yourself as a brand might feel uncomfortable, but it’s a really important way of defining and expressing your own value proposition.  Focusing on your personal brand is a great way to control and enhance how others perceive you at work and beyond. And it can help you expand your network and learn more about your own unique abilities. Helpfully, HBR’s seven step guide walks you through how to build yours with ease…

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