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What does the future of work look like for Gen Z?

Voco Team
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With the oldest members of Gen Z now established in the workforce, many are wondering what the future holds for this generation. Will they follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, or will they forge a new path? With attitudes to work, office dynamics, and retirement all evolving fast, the answers are far from clear. 

That’s because, for the first time, there are four generations all vying for space in the world of work, and as a result discord between them is rising. So, to shed some light on what the youngest amongst us can expect, we’ve rounded up some food for thought on bridging the intergenerational gap and what the future might hold.

How retirement looks different for Gen Z than it does for boomers

Retirement has changed over generations, only a quarter of US employees have traditional pensions, and 51% participate in employer retirement savings plans, which is why retirement expert, Emily Guy Birken, says individuals must save for themselves. FastCo takes a look at how retirement will look different for Gen Z, and with the help of Birken, discusses the importance of planning ahead.

Why Gen X isn’t ready to leave the workforce

Despite the reputation of Gen X as ‘slackers’, this BBC article rejects this stereotype, saying many are deeply tied to work and eager to stay in the workforce, bucking trends seen among their younger counterparts who are taking career breaks or leaving full-time positions to rest and recharge. 

Is Gen Z the most difficult generation to work with? Their bosses say yes

According to 74% of managers and business leaders, Gen Z employees are more difficult to work with than any other generation. And 65% of managers have fired more Gen Zers than employees of any other age group, blaming a significant gap between pre and post-COVID workplace attitudes. So what's the solution? It’s time to bridge the gap and build workplace relationships across generations and promote communication and conflict resolution.

Is Work Destined For Generational Discord?

With four generations now in the workforce, are we headed for professional disarray or will we all find common ground? Host Bruce Daisley of Eat Sleep Work Repeat sits down with the deputy digital editor of Stylist, Ellen Scott to unravel this topic. As one of the first people to uncover the trend of quiet quitting, Scott definitely has her finger on the pulse of all things Gen Z, so have a listen to her future work predictions…

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