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Voco Newsletter: July 2021

Voco Team

Grow, grow, grow....

Conversations about growth mindset abound when talking about work and careers, but what does having a growth mindset actually mean and how can you 'get' one?

Put really simply, growth mindset is all about acting like a sponge in the way you approach work and life; it’s about soaking up experiences, opportunities and challenges, rather than trying to deflect them. It's about being up for to learning new things and not fearing failure or embarrassment if they don't go as planned.

The counterpoint to growth mindset is fixed thinking. That's all about defence; about putting up a wall and protecting yourself from the things you think you can’t learn or control. Not trying. A growth mindset is about opening doors in your thinking; and a fixed mindset is about closing them behind you...

So what can you do to try and spend more time being open than closed? We've taken a look at five things you can try to build your growth mindset muscle - find out more here

Work and career inspiration from Voco

LISTEN: Abundantly Clear - the Growth Mindset Podcast

If you want to learn more about growth mindset and the things you can do to try turn difficult situations into opportunities to learn, then this podcast can help. There are hundreds of episodes covering a ton of subjects from burnout to wealth, identity, ego, public speaking and time management. Dip in and out to give yourself a shot of growth-y inspiration whenever you need it!

READ: Here's what life looks like for Olympic athletes once they retire

Tokyo 2020 2021 is now in full swing and the eyes of the world - if only virtually - are on the incredible athletes seeking to secure Olympic glory after years of gruelling training. Some are defending titles and building legacies, whereas for others it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete on a global stage. But what happens when the flame goes out and a sporting career ends? Athletes tend to retire much, much younger than the rest of us, so what comes next? This piece (from 2018) looks at some of the choices and struggles of Olympians, and is a reminder that even gold medal winners find the world of work tricky to navigate sometimes!

READ: How to be more creative and boost happiness

Well, it's been a hell of a year... and so was the last one, so it's not surprising that many of us are feeling pretty low and listless as we try to adjust to whatever version of normal we're now in. Finding ways to boost happiness have never been more needed, and this quick read from Forbes looks at the importance of creativity in sending those serotonin levels soaring at work and at play. Rather than focusing on tactical recommendations such as painting or crafting, the piece recommends looking at creativity differently and is more about letting go of expectations and judgements than picking up a paintbrush!

DO: Get moving!

OK, so it's no secret that exercise is good for our mental health, and that loads of really successful people in business swear by a fitness regime that matches their focus on work. We've actually been thinking about this a lot: about how getting what you want from work is very much like getting what you want from your sporting activity of choice. It takes time, investment, commitment and loads of passion. In fact, we've even started describing Voco as 'cross-fit for your career', taking inspiration from our amazing local gym - Crank - where a steady focus on building habits which improve fitness and form for the longterm is where it's at. So if you're based in SE London, go and check Crank out - you can thank us later!

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