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Recommended Reading: How to have the perfect 2023

Voco Team
Image of a desktop calendar displaying 2023

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you’ve had a restful holiday break and are ready to grab 2023 by the horns. However, if you’re having a slower start to the year and need a little guidance on how to crush the next 12 months, have no fear!

This week we’ve searched the web for some inspiring reading to help to get you off the back foot and back on track. From how to stick to your new year's resolutions or figure out your dream job, to learning lessons from  2022 and putting self-determination theory into practice, it’s all below…

Read: Struggling with New Year's resolutions? We can help 

Did you know that only 9% of people stick to their new year's resolutions? Maybe it’s because they haven’t read the Guardian’s advice on how to gain, and more importantly, sustain the willpower needed to achieve their goals. It discusses how to make the right plan, learn from your setbacks and face your fears… so, are you ready to be part of the 9%?

Read: Is Your Dream Job Actually Right For You? Test It Out

Thinking about finally making the switch to your dream job? But do you know if it’s actually right for you? Forbes has compiled a list of great ways to put your dream job to the test to make sure it’s the best fit for you. From volunteering to taking online courses, take a look at the best ways to make the right dream become a reality.

Read: Innovating in Uncertain Times: Lessons from 2022

Reflection is always important, especially when it comes to innovating in tech. Have a look at where tech leaders have succeeded and failed in an extremely economically volatile year. HBR takes an in-depth look at what lessons can be learned from disruption, innovation and constant change, and where leaders should look in the year ahead.

Read: The crucial link between motivation and self-awareness

Motivating yourself, especially when you  don’t want to do something, is one of life’s biggest challenges. Helpfully, however, BBC Worklife has looked into ‘self determination theory’ and how it] could be the answer we’re all looking for. According to this theory we all have a natural desire to learn and develop, and the key to motivation is unlocking our appetite for growth. Easy!

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