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Voco Newsletter: May 2021

Voco Team

Lost for words?

Over the last month or so, we’ve loved hearing how Voco's first cohort of founder members have started making some great connections and are having some really impactful conversations about their careers. But we also know that having a conversation with someone you've never met before can be a bit intimidating to say the least. So we’ve had a look at some mindsets you can adopt to help make the conversation flow and not get stuck on small talk.

Read more on the art of great conversation here.

How to own your career strategy by thinking like a CEO

At Voco we're all about taking control of your career and helping others to do the same but we know that might be harder than it sounds. Taking ownership over your career can require a change from being relatively passive and letting your employer make a lot of the moves, towards being more active and treating your career like your own business, with you in charge. But how can you actually do that?

Find our top tips for bossing your own career here.

Career inspiration from Voco

Here's what's inspiring us and making us think differently about our careers this month. And, as ever, we’d love to hear about anything you’ve read, listened to or seen that could help others take control of their careers.

LISTEN: How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

In the world of career development, ‘growth mindset’ is a super hot topic, and almost no one exemplifies the power of it more than Elizabeth Day, who has basically pivoted her career towards celebrating the failures she’s experienced, and learning from them to make herself more successful. And it’s not just her that’s learned lessons from failure; her podcast features loads of successful, often famous, people lifting the lids on the things that have gone wrong for them. She's also written two best-selling books on the subject of learning from your mistakes.

READ: Reshaping your career in the wake of the pandemic

This piece from HBR is an interesting read about how to 'take control back over your career' in the post-pandemic world - which we're hopefully inching closer towards! Alongside thinking about how we work, and who we work for; it's great to see that a focus on relationships and networks could become even more important after a year of isolation. And that many of us will seek to 'solidify deeper ties' as well as expanding our connections.

PLAY: We're not really strangers

The 'We're not really strangers' card game can really help get your conversational juices flowing. These 150 questions have been carefully crafted to provoke deep reflections and empower meaningful connections - all while making the act of asking and answering tough questions a lot of fun. And if you're not quite ready to play, then the WNRS Insta is worth a follow for some question-based inspiration!

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