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Recommended Reading: Career changes, mastering office politics and resume tips

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It’s the second week of January, hopefully you’re sticking to your resolutions and making positive changes. This week our round up of recommended reading looks at some different ways to feel more motivated, effective and in control at work.

First, if you are in the midst of a career change and finding yourself stalling a bit, Forbes has you covered with some tips for staying motivated. We’ve also found a great method to find and use your influence at work to your advantage, along with a creative idea for disguising a gap in your resume. Finally, office politics can be confusing but in HBR’s latest podcast you can learn how to turn it into a tool for success. Keep reading to find out more…

Read: Navigating Career Change: Tips For Staying Motivated

Changing careers is always daunting, it’s a leap of faith into the unknown, and it can be hard to stay motivated when you can’t predict if you’ll land on your feet. If you’re brave enough to take that step, Forbes has some great tips to help you stay motivated and on the path to success, like ensuring you’re on top of daily tasks, using helpful applications to organise your life and many more… 

Read: Don’t Underestimate Your Influence at Work

Do you ever wish you had more influence at work? According to HBR we already have more influence than we realise and should be using it to our advantage rather than trying to gain more. Recommendations include reflecting on conflicts between other colleagues, viewing yourself as a coach to see how you might handle a situation differently, and testing out your influence by simply asking for a favour… 

Read: Worried about a gap in your resume? This small tweak could result in more job callbacks

There are many reasons why someone may have a gap in their resume, from becoming a new parent to taking some time to travel, your working life is on average 38 years, so some time out is definitely needed. However it can be a deterrent for some employers and can result in lower earning potential and career growth. But new research shows simply changing the dates of your employment to your years of tenure can result in improved career prospects… read on to find out more.

Listen: The Essentials: Playing Office Politics

Unfortunately, office politics are unavoidable, the secret alliances and exclusionary behaviour can be quite demoralising. However, HBR’s latest podcast delves into the ways to decipher and dismantle these unhealthy practices. Their guest, organisational psychologist Madeleine Wyatt, discusses how to understand and use office politics to become more ‘politically’ savvy at work. 

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