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Recommended reading: facing turmoil in tech

Voco Team
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It’s been one hell of a month in the world of work; almost every tech company around the world seems to be announcing layoffs, while everyone else tightens their belts in the face of an impending global recession. It’s left us all a little nervous about what's next. We might be facing redundancy ourselves or worrying about how to deal with being one of the survivors of a load of layoffs.  

Either way, our weekly round up of useful reading and listening material from around the web could help you navigate any tricky times ahead… 

Listen: This Week in Startups

A podcast all about tech news from Shopify to FTX and all the hot business gossip in between. Hosts Jason Calacanis, an investor and Molly Wood, a journalist, take a forensic look from economic and social standpoints to make sense of the business news. With all the turmoil in the last few  weeks, I think we need someone to tell us what is going on…

Read: Laid-off tech workers could get help launching startups with these professional lifelines

Want some good news? With Twitter laying off the majority of its workforce and Meta slashing 13% of theirs’, there are now a lot of engineers on the market. Two programmes have popped up for newly fired tech entrepreneurs to get their business ideas up and running: “Funded Not Fired” launched by Day One Ventures, and the Rise Start Up Academy  from Barclays. So if you’re looking to start afresh and build your own company, here’s your chance!

Read: 6 Ways to reenergize a depleted team

Has your team had some layoffs? Or is it simply just losing steam as we get into winter? Here are six ways to get the whole team's energy up to push through to the end of the year. Everyone can go into the holiday period feeling refreshed and ready for a break rather than exhausted and depleted. Have a read!

Read: How to kick your habit of assuming the worst

With all the professional and economic turmoil going on right now, it might be hard to not look inward, regardless of if you’re working in tech or not. We’re all feeling a little uncertain, but here’s an article that will give you some top tips for kicking your cynicism into touch and replacing it with some well needed optimism. 

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