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Recommended reading: Arguing, authenticity and emojis…

Voco Team
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This week’s round up of career thinking from across the web answers some tricky questions to help you navigate the ever-evolving workplace, be it communicating with your colleagues online, harnessing the power of an argument or embracing your whole self… 

We looked at some searching questions like how can we benefit from disagreements at work, how can we reconnect with our colleagues in a hybrid world, and just how should use use emojis in the office..? Oh, and where should we jump to now if Twitter really is a sinking ship...?

Keep reading for the answers… enjoy!

Listen to ReThinking with Adam Grant - How to have good arguments 

Bo Seo: author, world debate champion and Harvard Debating Union coach, talks to Adam Grant about how he avoided arguments at all costs until he discovered their benefits. Bo and Adam discuss how arguments can sharpen your thinking skills, give you the power to disagree and most importantly, to listen. 

Read Bring Your Whole Self: The Value Of Authenticity

CCO of Teleperformance Miranda Collard delves into the lasting effects the pandemic has had on employee relationships. The workplace feels a lot more disconnected, even with the move back to the office, and many still shy away from office participation. So how do we connect and build trust with our colleagues again? Collard reckons it’s all about authenticity; being your whole self so others follow suit. Have a read and see whether you think she’s right.

Read Workplace Language Is Evolving—One Emoji at a Time

Emojis are the personal linga franca of the digital age but are you an expert in the art of using them at work, or do you find it slightly unsettling to receive a smiley face with sunglasses from your manager? Either way, according to Wired, emojis are here to stay so it’s time to make sure you’re up to date with your emoji vocab and make sure you know your aubergines from your peaches 🙄

Read I Found the Perfect Replacement for Twitter. It’s LinkedIn

As we wrote a couple weeks ago, Twitter is in turmoil, we’re not quite sure what Musk is doing but it doesn’t seem to be working. So what now? After the mass exodus from Twitter, users are flocking to Linkedin, once a site reserved for corporate stalking, now the hottest social media platform. With a noticeable shift from self-aggrandising career updates to more personal and ‘authentic’ content, including baby and wedding photos, could Linkedin be the new social media platform we’ve been waiting for?

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