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Recommended reading: Soft skills, indifferent bosses and starting your side hustle…

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January is over…Thank goodness! So how should we kick off February? We thought this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to take control over your career. Maybe you want to start a side hustle, change careers or figure out what job will make you happy? We’ve got it all this week!

It’s time to get in the figurative ‘driver’s seat’ of your professional life and put your foot down on the accelerator. It can be easy to coast and slowly work your way to a comfortable position but here at Voco we prefer to take a proactive approach. So what actions can you take to put your career into a higher gear? Maybe you need to take the initiative to work around an unsupportive boss, or invest some time into thinking about what you REALLY enjoy at work. Or maybe now's the time to finally turn that passion project into something real? Read on...

Read Should You Start A Side Hustle? 5 Ways To Ensure Success

Thinking of finally starting your own side hustle and doing more of what you love? Or maybe just earning some extra cash?! Here are  five great ways to ensure success; like considering your brand, managing your boundaries and also resisting the urge to monetise a hobby. See if it’s the right time for you to take the plunge and start your hustle.

Read What Do You Like About Your Job?

The pandemic gave us a lot to think about, especially when it came to work and whether we actually like our jobs. This resulted in the ‘great resignation’ with many jumping ship to try and find more fulfilment in their employment. However, many made the leap without actually considering what they wanted or liked about working, a mistake that can be costly… Luckily HBR has some tips to figure out what you really like about work so you can make more strategic moves towards professional happiness. 

Read Don’t Let an Indifferent Boss Hold You Back

An uninterested boss can be really demoralising, and can make your question your own ability and tenure in your role. But there are definitely things you can do to work around an indifferent manager and carve out your own path to success, through making your own career commitments or forging other professional relationships. Check out how you can progress without the support of your boss.

Read Laid Off From A Tech Company? Leverage Your Soft Skills To Get Hired In Another Industry

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of tech layoffs recently, leaving many people in uncertain and difficult positions. However, this could be the perfect opportunity to change careers! If you work in tech you may not realise you’ve acquired loads of soft skills that are in demand in other industries, like communication, critical thinking and teamwork. Try out these suggestions on how you could identify your transferable skills and, er, transfer them!

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