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Here are the top skills you need to take control of your career

Voco Team
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In today's dynamic and competitive work environment, upskilling and finding new and creative ways to tackle the professional landscape have become crucial for people to advance their careers and thrive while doing it! More and more of us are looking outside our traditional job specs to gain new skills, and are thinking outside the box to gain a competitive edge.

So this week we’ve gathered together some great resources looking into what skills you’ll need in today’s evolving workplace to take control of your career. From recognising how the degree has taken a backseat in hiring, to networking, and breaking away from catastrophising; you can gain a fresh perspective on the importance of skills-based CVs, handling workplace challenges, and personal growth. 

Read: 5 Winning Networking Strategies For 2023

In the US 70% of jobs are not publicly advertised and instead 85% are filled through the dark art of networking. That’s pretty frightening for those of us who are not gifted at the art of ‘getting out there’. But have no fear, according to Forbes there are simpler and more effective strategies for building a professional network in 2023. They recommend starting with close contacts, utilising online tools like LinkedIn, and attending industry-specific events. Why not give it a try?

Listen: Breaking Through When You Feel Stuck

In HBR’s latest podcast, Adam Alter discusses how getting stuck is not limited to creative fields, it turns out we can all get a version of writer's block. He explores the psychological aspects of being stuck, but thankfully also offers suggestions on combating the block when it hits,  like slowing down, accepting the situation, and seeking diverse perspectives. Have a listen and learn how to get unstuck.

Read: The sky is not falling: How to stop the office ‘Chicken Little’ from running amok

Now this may be a slightly niche reference but according to FastCo there's a lot to learn from the 2005 film Chicken Little and how to apply those learnings to the workplace. They dissect the character Chicken Little and how some colleagues can, similarly to the aforementioned chicken, cry wolf, catastrophise and always need to be right. This can negatively impact others, but FastCo offers suggestions for handling those afflicted, including maintaining a calm and rational approach and promoting understanding and compassion. 

Listen: Why your skills matter more than your degree 

This week the FT sat down with Linkedin Exec, Josh Graff, to discuss how the site has altered the landscape of recruitment, and how, in today's job search, your degree isn’t as impressive as the skills you can demonstrate. Employers can now cherry pick their perfect person according to the job spec, so it might be time to rewrite your CV and, instead of a large education section, add in more of your skills!

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