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Recommended reading: The career change cheatsheet...

Voco Team
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Now there’s a headline…Yes, this week is all about changing things up! It’s now easier than ever to transition into a new field, with a plethora of remote education and training courses available it feels like a new career is just a click away. But how do you know you’ve picked the right switch? And then how can you stay on top of your choice and see it through? We’ve pulled together some of the best resources for changing careers in one place so you can take an educated leap of faith…

From podcasts with episodes on every topic under the sun, to a book detailing the mindset needed for success, it’s all here. Plus a look at the changes three women made in their careers and how they knew they made the right decisions.

So let's get to it and find out how to ace a career change…

Read The Career Change Guide

Rachel Schofield’s The Career Change Guide starts right at the beginning, discussing how to change your mindset and discover what your true passion is. And she helps you design your own road to happiness by building what your ideal job will look like and walking you through how to get there. Finding your dream job just got easy!

Listen to The Career Change Podcast

Second, we give you Rikke Hansen, a career change advisor whose podcast has an episode on every topic you could possibly think of when deciding if you’re going to take that leap of faith. Episodes look at topics like whether you’re ever too old to make a change or if you think you don’t have enough experience, and draw on real world examples from Rikke’s clients and beyond, to give some tried and tested advice!

Listen to How to know whether to switch or stay in your role

This episode of the perennially helpful Squiggly Careers podcast could help you figure out whether to stick or twist in your current role… and might even inspire you to go beyond just looking for a new job and make that big career change instead. 

Read How Women Can Navigate Constant Career Changes

Forbes looks at the stories of three women, who have navigated major changes in their working lives. From a switch from freelance web developer to operations and an eventual COO role, to a move from full time teaching to virtual assistant and stay-at-home mum, and a geographical leap from Australia to the US, with a new career thrown in along the way; these women highlight the choices they've made and what they’ve learned from them. 

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